Santiago Staff

Instructional Aides

Cindy Arentsen

Cindy Arentsen
Instructional Aide

Sherry Dering, Instructional Aide

Sherry Dering
Instructional Aide

Rick Flores de Apodaca

Rick Flores de Apodaca
Instructional Aide

Maria Guadarrama

Maria Guadarrama
Instructional Aide

Heather Manning

Heather Manning
Instructional Assistant

Alma Martin

Alma Martin
Instructional Aide

Stephanie Osborn

Stephanie Osborn
Instructional Aide

Dallas Parent

Dallas Parent
Instructional Aide

Heather Terlaak

Heather Terlaak
Instructional Aide

Kathleen Walker Instructional Aide

Kathleen Walker
Instructional Aide

Evan Walsh, Instructional Aide

Evan Walsh
Instructional Aide

Brian Ward, Instructional Aide

Brian Ward
Instructional Aide


Gilberto Farfan, Night Maintenance

Gilberto Farfan
Night Maintenance

Manuel Gomez, Maintenance Supervisor

Arturo Vallegos, Night Maintenance

Arturo Vallegos
Night Maintenance

Nutrition Services

Corina Alcala, Food Service Assistant

Corina Alcala
Food Service Assistant

Rachel Montoya, Food Service Assistant

Rachel Montoya
Food Service Assistant

Woody Or, Food Service Assistant

Woody Or
Food Service Assistant

Karina Ramos, Cook/Baker

Karina Ramos

Christina Smutz-Castorina, Food Service Assistant

Christina Smutz-Castorina
Food Service Assistant

Alicia Velazquez, Food Service Assistant

Alicia Velazquez
Food Service Assistant

Stephanie Zeringue, Kitchen Manager

Office Staff

Rocio Chavez, Health Clerk

Lisa Garcia, Nurse

Laura Keefe, Registrar

Annmarie Kerkhof, Office Manager

Deborah Maude, Library Media Tech

Pat Miller, Attendance Clerk

Jake Monroe, Campus Safety/Security

Jake Monroe
Campus Safety/Security

Peter Nishimoto, Computer Technician

Nanette Proctor, Business Manager

Cynthia Robles, Community Aide

Cathy Ruddy, Principal's Secretary

Support Staff

Tom Daniels, Psychologist

Kristi Franco, Special Education Coordinator

Roshni Patel, Counselor


Patricia Abouabdo, AVID, Geometry, Math

Casey Adams, Science 7 and 8

Jason Askenaze, Industrial Arts 7 and 8

Natalie Barbas, ASB/PBIS, Dance, ELA

Katie Castrillon, ELA 7 and 8

Danny Chiang, Chinese 7, History Support, Film 7

Steven Donoso, Spanish 7 and 8

Joan Ekdale, French 7 and 8, Speech

Elisha Flansburg, PE 7 and 8

Chad Fleager, History 7 and 8

Alison Grewal, Science 7H and 8

Jenniffer Grishaber, History 8, SAI History 8, Skills

Jacobo Guerrero, History 7 Honors and 8

Amy Hale, History 8 and 8H

Henry Hanson, Musical Theater 7 and 8

Susan Huber, Home Economics 7 and 8

Diane Hurdle, PE 7 and 8

Richelle Kalman, Math 7 and 8

April Keller, Reading 7, Read 180 EL, Skills ELD

Kareem Khaled, History 7

Max Klasky, Science 7 and 8

Christine Le, Math Int. 1, Math 8, Math Support

David Le, Computer 7, Science Support, STEM 8

Anthony Lucett, ELA 7 and ELA 8H

Marisa Mallory, History 7 and 7H

Sarah Mascari, AVID, Math 7 and 8

Kim Meier, Science 7 and 8H

Holly Mikkelsen, ELA 7, ELA 7H and Speech

Sean Mikkelsen, PE 7 and 8

Kevin Mitchell, ELA 7 and 8

Kathryn Napoli, Math 7 and 8, Math Support

Mike Ohta, SDC

David Rodriguez, Band, Choir, Guitar, Music 7, Orchestra

Jay Smithen, Art 7 and 8

Sandra Snider, SAI Math 7 and 8, Skills

Dale Tanner, PE 7 and 8

Steven Van Smaalen, Math 7 and 7H

Dana Whitlock, Read 180 7 and 8, SAI English

Dorothy Yan, Science 7 and 8