Health Office

Health Office
All students need to go through the health office when feeling ill. Students are not to call parents to pick them up without first seeing the health office clerk.

What do I do if my student is having major surgery and will be missing more than ten days of school?
Notify the attendance office and try to get a doctor's note prior to the surgery so that home schooling can be arranged.

What do I do if my student needs to take medicine (even Tylenol) at school?
Please fill out a Parent and Physician Request for Medication form. The physician must sign and give dosage instructions. A parent must deliver medicine to the school health office along with the form.

What do I do if my child cannot participate in P.E?

Please send a note with your child to the health office. With a note a student may refrain from participating in PE for three days. Any time beyond three days requires a physician's note.

Questions for the health office? Please call 714-628-5682.