Santiago encourages students to participate in a variety of clubs.

Academic Pentathlon

Academic Pentathlon meets every Monday in Room 203 and Wednesday in Room 100.  


Please contact Ms. Le or Mr. Guerrero for more information!

Anime Club

The Anime Club meets every Tuesday in Room 100.


Please contact Mr. Guerrero for more information!

Building/ Lego Club

Building Club is a club for students who enjoy constructing building with legos.  They meet every Friday at lunch in Room 102.  


Please contact Mrs. Hale for more information.

Christian Club

Christian Club is place where students can talk about Christianity.  Every meeting there is a prayer, a spiritual moment, and fun games.  The Christian Club meets Thursdays in Room 102.

Christian Club

Please see Mrs. Hale for more information.

DIY Club

The Do It Yourself Club is a fun place where students can create cool crafts.  They meet every Friday in Room 201.

Students in Ms. Khalman's DIY Club made paper flowers.

Please contact Mrs. Kalman for more information!

Video Game Club

Video Game Club with Mr. Khaled

Video Game Club is a fun place for gamers to play video games and compete in tournaments.  They meet every Thursday in Room 106.


Please contact Mr. Khaled for more information!