Santiago encourages students to participate in a variety of clubs to encourage new friendships, learn to work together as a team, and develop leadership skills-all while having fun learning new skills.

Academic Pentathlon

Congratulations Academic Pentathlon

Congratulations to Santiago's Academic Pentathlon Team!

Congratulations to Santiago's Academic Pentathlon Team. At this year's competition, our Santanas won over 120 medals! What an outstanding job! Thank you Mrs. Le Bautista, Ms. Castrillion and Mr. Guerrero who guided this year's students.

Academic Pentathlon is an exciting five-event competition for middle school students. The program prepares students for success in college and careers by building skills in communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and character on Thursday during lunch in room 100 and Friday after school (optional). Contact Ms. Castrillon, Ms. Le or Mr. Guerrero for further information.

Anime Club

Students meet every week and watch Japanese animation subtitled in English with the original Japanese audio. Students meet Tuesdays at lunch with Mr. Guerrero in room 100.


7th Period elective with Mrs. Barbas in room 801.

Book Club

Students will choose a book to read and then will discuss the book as a group with Mrs. Napoli on Fridays during lunch in room 207.

Christian Club

We offer a loving and caring outreach to those who want to know Jesus Christ and the Bible through worship, fellowship, games, and Bible Study with Mrs. Condia, Mrs. Hale, and Mr. Mitchell during lunch two Thursdays a month in room 102. Please see Mrs. Hale for more information.

Debate Club

To help students develop listening and research skills, as well as allowing students to develop their oracy skills and become more confident in communicating their ideas. Students meet in room 102 with Mrs. Hale every other Wednesday at lunch.

Disney Club

Students will watch, listen to soundtracks, sing, and reenact different Disney movies. Students meet the first and third Monday at lunch in room 801 with Mrs. Barbas.

DIY Club

DIY creates small projects that are fun and creative. We are a community that enjoys building, creating, and crafting projects from scratch. Students meet in room 201 every other Tuesday at lunch.

Please contact Mrs. Kalman for more information!

DIY Club

Dungeons and Dragons

Everyone has one character and everyone is welcome to meet on Thursdays after school in room 701 with Mr. Lucett.

Improv/Sketch Comedy

Club members will explore various forms of performance comedy, and learn to deliver stories/jokes to an audience in a professional manner. Members meet in room 400 with Mr. Smithen on Tuesday and Friday during lunch.

Kindness Club

This club is designed to help promote a fun, safe, and inclusive campus where all students are welcome. We will talk about ways to promote kindness on campus, how to spread positivity, and how to be a support to all Santanas. This is a student led group. Mrs. Barbas meets with students on the first and third Thursday during lunch in room 801.


K-Pop was designed to provide a place for K-Pop fans to come together and discuss Korean Pop groups, watch K-Pop music videos, learn more about the Korean culture, and learn choreographed dances from different K-Pop groups. K-Pop meets every other Thursday at lunch in room 505 with Mr. Khaled.

Mountain Biking

MTB club is a place where bike lovers can come learn about the sport and coordinate with the El Modena HS race team. Students will be provided with information about racing through the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA in room 104 with Mr. Fleager the first Tuesday of the month during lunch.

Paper Airplanes and 3-D Models Club

Students will be making models of various objects by folding paper to form 3-D shapes (airplanes, geometric solids, animals, etc.) Mrs. Snider will meet with students on Friday at lunch in the library.


PALS stands for Positive Action Leadership Santiago and is a 7th/8th grade, year long elective. PALS is a leadership class that focuses on helping our students, our school, and our community. Mr. Khaled's classes meet during 7th period in room 106.

Photography Club

Discuss and practice photography skills and take pictures with Mr. Mitchell in room 101 every other Thursday.

Slime Club

Making and experimenting with Slime. This is a bring your own materials club. Students will meet with Mrs. Grewal in room 200 every other Tuesday at lunch in room 200.

Video Game Club

Video Game Club

Students come together to compete in tournaments throughout the year. Tournaments will be held on the following consoles; xbox360 and WiiU. Games range from Mario Cart, to Smash Bros., to Fifa 2016. Mr. Khaled will have room 106 available every Thursday at lunch.

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Players

Led by Mr. Smithen, students will use their own Yu Gi Oh playing cards to battle each other in a high fantasy card game. The club will meet weekly to train, and the club will host two major tournaments” first in December and the second in May. Students will practice every Wednesday and Thursday at lunch in room 400.