Santiago encourages students to participate in a variety of clubs to encourage new friendships, learn to work together as a team, and develop leadership skills-all while having fun learning new skills.

Academic Pentathlon

Academic Pentathlon is a exciting five event competition for middle school students. The program prepares students for success in college & careers by building skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. We meet weekly to prepare students for the competition. Students meet during lunch weekly in room 203. Contact Mrs. Le Bautista or Mr. Guerrero for further information.

Anime Club

Anime Club 2019


Students come into Room 100 every week and watch Anime in the original Japanese dub. This is a fun and exciting
way to expose students to other cultures. Students meet Tuesdays at lunch with Mr. Guerrero.


This is a 7th period elective with Mrs. Barbas in room 801. Students participate with Lunch on the Lawn activities on Wednesdays, and Spirit Events.



AVID is an elective that prepares students for college and study skills with a focus on organization, goal setting, and family. This is a second period elective, so students must be enrolled in this class to participate in room 101 with Mr. Mitchell.

Book Club

Students will choose a book to read and then will discuss the book as a group with Mrs. Napoli during lunch in room 207.

Book Club



Cheer members learn all the fundamentals of cheerleading, cheers, motions, dance, jumps, kicks, voice projection, and the basic stunts. Girls and boys showcase their skills and games, assemblies, and other events in Orange. Students meet Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursday in the cafeteria after school. See Ms. Grishaber regarding the cheer information and schedule.

Choir Club

In Choir Club, members sing songs together, do choir activities, and practice songs for fun. They meet every Friday at lunch in Room 501 with Mr. Hanson.

Christian Club

Christian is an open opputunity for anyone to explore and discuss their faith with Mrs. Condia, Mrs. Hale, and Mr. Mitchell during lunch every other Thursday in room 101. Please see Mrs. Hale for more information.

Debate Club

In Debate Club, students can learn debate strategies and discuss current events. Students meet in room 102 with Mrs. Hale every other Monday at lunch.

Debate Club



Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons Club is an open group for any students who are interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons adventure game. Everyone is welcome to meet on Tuesdays after school in room 701 with Mr. Lucett.


Film Club 2019


Students will meet on Tuesdays with Mr. Chiang in room 115 during lunch to watch and make films.

Improv/Sketch Comedy


Club members will explore various forms of performance comedy, and learn to deliver stories/jokes to an audience in a professional manner. Members meet in room 400 with Mr. Smithen on Tuesday and Friday during lunch.


K-Pop club is a place for fans of K-Pop to get together and talk about our favorite artists and songs. Each meeting, we will watch music videos, learn dances, and enjoy the occasional food party. If you are a fan of K-Pop, this is the place for you! K-Pop meets every other Wednesday at lunch in room 505 with Mr. Van.

K-Pop Club


LGBTQ Alliance

The LGBTQ Alliance is a club open to all students at Santiago. The club offers a safe and supportive environment for every students. The goals include community outreach, tolerance, and social interaction. Students meet on Wednesday in room 105 during lunch with Mrs. Snider.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Club is for students who love getting outside, hitting the trails, and love everything bike related! Students will meet in room 104 with Mr. Fleager the first Tuesday of the month during lunch.

Mystery Solvers Club

Mystery Solvers Club separates into groups who make mysteries for the other groups. The members make riddles to solve and play mystery related games. Students will meet with Ms. Ekdale on Thursday during lunch.


NJHS seeks to ensure students lifelong success through exclusive member-only college and career readiness options. Monthly meetings will be held in the Lecture Hall during lunch. Students must meet requirements for this club. For further information, please contact Mrs. Hale and Mr. Klasky.


The PALS Club will be an auxilary team that handles additional responsibilities for organizing and executing events related to Santiago as well as community events. Mr. Khaled's classes meet during 7th period in room 106.

Peppa Pig Club

In Peppa Pig Clb, the members watch the Peppa Pig TV show, discuss the characters and memes, and have fun! Students will meet with Mr. Van every other Friday during lunch.




In Pokemon Club, the members watch Pokemon, play the Pokemon card game, and do Pokemon Go expeditions.



After-School Sports contains a range of sports, which are soccer in the fall, football/volleyball in the winter, and basketball in the spring. Students will meet in room 106 during lunch with Mr. Khaled the first Wednesday of the month.

Tower Defense Club

Tower Defense Club's purpose is to talk about tactics in the Tower Defense game, and will have tournaments. Students will meet in room 202 with Mr. Le during lunch on Mondays.

Tower Defense Club

Video Game Club

Video Game Club

Students participate in tournaments throught the year on both the Nintendo Switch and XBox360. This club is extracurricular and encourages all students to have fun and play with respect. Mr. Khaled and Mr. Van will meet with students in room 106 every Thursday at lunch.