Special Education

Parent Rights

Santiago Charter Middle School is committed to providing a free, appropriate public education for all students in the least restrictive environment.  Placement and services for students with disabilities are assigned in accordance with a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), which is based on the student’s unique needs.


1.    Assist students to choose opportunities for success and development of self-advocacy.

2.    Commit to continued enrichment of skills and knowledge by special education personnel.

3.    Adapt as needed to serve an expanding and identified special education population.

4.    Expand inclusionary opportunities as appropriate.


1.    Provide support services per IEP for students with identified disabilities, enabling them opportunities for success in middle school.

2.    Satisfy legal mandates set by state and federal law (IDEA) regarding identified students with disabilities.

Welcome to the Imagine Lab

Imagine Lab is an Open Studio program where students learn from one another and have a chance to express themselves through freestyle creativity. 

In October students worked on printmaking.  Students made a drawing on foam plates and then chose warm or cool colors for their ink. The result is a print of what they drew.

In January the kids were such good sports and all donned giant trash bags for smocks so we could paint with acrylics on canvas (donated by Mr. Khaled, thank you very much!) We primarily worked in groups, and will finish in the coming weeks.

In February everyone made two Mexican tin heart magnets in honor of Valentine’s Day- they chose one to take home for their families and one to leave in the lab.