Report an Absence

What do I do when my student is absent?
Please call the absence line before noon to report the absence (714-628-5681) explaining the reason for the absence on each day the student will be out. A note is necessary only if the parent has not made a phone call and is required from the doctor if a student is going to any doctor or dentist appointment. When returning to school after an absence, students will report to the Attendance Office before school begins to obtain their "readmit slip." This slip is to be taken to each class for a teacher signature. A note explaining a tardy must be presented to the Attendance Office for any tardiness.

What do I do if I need to pick up my student early?
Please have your child bring a note to the attendance office before school starts stating the time you will be picking up your child. We will have your child waiting at the attendance office to be signed out.

What do I do if my student will be late? Late students should always check in at the attendance office window before going to class. If a student is more than twenty minutes late, he should sign in with a written excuse of a doctor's note.

What do I do if I have to take my student out of school for a trip or for a medical reason?
Please notify the attendance office with the dates of the absence three or four days prior to the absence. Send your student to school with a note to each teacher informing the teacher of the absence. You may or may not want to ask for homework at this time.