Santiago Policies & Student Expectations

Dress Code Expectations

The Santiago uniform consists of uniforms purchased from the approved vendor, American Casual.

If you are unable to purchase a uniform, Santiago administration will meet with you in confidence to provide uniform assistance. 

Only uniform clothing may be worn. Uniform options include the following:

  • Polo Shirts
  • Pants, Capris, Shorts-Shorts cannot be altered (rolled up or hemmed).  If a child has shorts that are altered, a staff member of the same gender (admin or counselor) will address that issue with the student.  Pants that are too tight or loose will be addressed in the same manner
  • Long sleeved, Santiago uniform navy shirt may be worn under polo shirts
  • A polo shirt must be worn under sweatshirts and jackets
  • Earned STRIVE shirts may be worn on designated days only

All clothing must be:

  • Appropriately sized
  • Neat, clean, and free of tears
  • Unaltered


  • Closed toe and heel shoes (boots are not acceptable)
  • Socks must be school appropriate. School administration will address inappropriate issues with individual students on an as needed bais.

Free Dress Days


  1. All shirts MUST have sleeves and have an appropriate neckline. Additionally, crop tops are not acceptable.
  2. No jeans with holes.
  3. Shorts must be appropriate in length and may NOT be shorter than unrolled uniform shorts.
  4. No boots, sandals or shoes with heels.


  1. All shirts MUST have sleeves.
  2. No shirts with offensive logos.
  3. Appropriate shoes must be worn.
  4. No jeans with holes.
  5. May not sag: shorts or pants.

Students may not wear any clothing item that has anything to do with alcohol, drugs, or weapons.The administration will determine what is and is not appropriate,on an as needed basis.

Physical Education clothes are to be purchased from the approved vendor and are to be worn ONLY during Physical Education class.

P.E. clothes may not be worn under the school uniform.

Hair may not hang in the eyes. Brightly colored hair that is very unnatural and considered a distraction is not allowed. Any accessories or body art shall not distract from the leaning environment. Piercings are limited to ears. Makeup and jewelry must be appropriate and not a distraction.

It is impossible to anticipate every new style, trend, or haircut.The items not addressed above will be dealt with on an individual basis by the administration. Pride in one's appearance is important in fostering a positive attitude toward school and others. Parent and student support for the dress code policy is critical in the promotion of safety, respect, and responsibility on the Santiago campus.



Santiago's Bullying Plan consists of the following components:

  • Developing and implementing a shared school-wide definition of RESPECT.
  • Building positive RELATIONSHIPS for students and staff members.
  • Building RESILIENCY through increasing positive connections and developing cognitive skills.
  • RESPONDING effectively to negative peer actions.

Santiago has adopted the OUSD Bullying Prevention Policy and it can be viewed at Bullying Prevention.

[OUSD. 2019 OUSD Bullying Prevention Handbook, p. 6, 9-15. Retrieved from]

Gary Trivanovich

Santiago's Guest Speaker Wows Students

Cary Trivanovich gave a great pantomime performance before presenting a heartfelt speech about the effects of bullying at our latest assembly. He shared words of wisdom to inspire our students to reach towards the "rewards of selflessness" in their daily interactions. Mr. Trivanovich travels extensively throughout the country addressing students from elementary through high school.


Our parents had the opportunity to meet Mr. Trivanovich and Dr. Martin Eaton during both our anti-bullying parent presentation nights. These two knowledgeable professionals were available to answer questions and concerns regarding bullying. We are very appreciative of all the help they gave to our parents and staff. Mr. Trivanovich invites parents and students to view further information at

Field Trip Policy

In order for students to participate in school sponsored field trips, at the time of the field trip deadline for checking grades, students must not have any classes that they are failing (receiving an F).  If a student has a grade of D, it will be the teacher’s discretion (the teacher where the child has the D) as to whether or not to allow the student to attend.

Students who are in our GRIP at-risk partnership may be subject to a different criteria to attend off-campus activities that is based on improvement rather than actual classroom grade.


Santiago has a policy of NO electronics on campus (cell phones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, computers, etc.) unless a teacher provides the student with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) form.  Once a BYOD form is in place, the student can then use the device for that class period only.  The device may not be out other than during the BYOD class period.

Should an electronic device be confiscated, the consequences will be as follows (subject to Administration’s discretion):

  • 1st offense – Student must present ID after school to sign for the device.
  • 2nd offense – Parent must present ID after school to sign for the device.
  • 3rd offense – Administration may hold the device for up to 1 week; parent must present ID after school to sign for the device.
  • 4th offense - Administration may hold the device for up to 2 weeks; parent must present ID after school to sign for the device.
  • 5th offense - Administration may hold the device for up to 4 weeks; parent must present ID after school to sign for the device.