Santiago Policies & Student Expectations

Student Expectations/On Campus Each Day

Santanas are always R.A.D.! R.A.D. stands for RESPONSIBLE, ACCOUNTABLE, & DETERMINED.

  • Santanas are expected to…

    • Treat peers and staff with respect and kindness at all times.

    • Remember that Intimidation and Harassment are not tolerated (Including spreading rumors, making fun of others, picking on others, purposefully isolating others).

    • Be mindful of what is posted on social media.

  • On Campus Each Day:

    • Where can I hang out before school?

      • Amphitheater

      • Cafeteria

      • Library

    • Where can I hang out during Nutrition?

      • Amphitheater

      • Atrium

      • Back Patio

      • Cafeteria

      • Snack Area

      • Library

    • Where can I hang out after school?

      • Library

      • Front of the school

      • Teacher’s classroom  

    • How do I get from class to class?

      • Students must use the INSIDE DOORS only.

      • Remember to walk on the RIGHT side of the hallway.