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21st Century Learning Exemplar Award

Schools to Watch Award

A great day in Sacramento for Santiago! We were honored as one of 13 schools statewide receiving the 2019 Schools to Watch Recognition - thank you to our incredible students and staff, our Santiago community and Orange Unified School District for supporting our program!

Civic Learning Awards

February 2019

Santiago Celebrates A California Recognition

Santiago was announced with a 2019 Civic Learning Award of Distinction! We are the only middle school in CA to receive this and one of six schools in the state! This award is a direct reflection of the our one-of-a-kind staff, student and community collaboration! Thank you to Orange Unified School District and our community for the continual support! Chief Justice Announces Winners of 2019 Civic Learning Awards.


Santiago was one of six Orange County schools to be recognized with a Civic Learning Merit Award during the 2016-2017 School Year. This is a huge honor for the school and highlights the under lining culture and curriculum focused on civility, stewardship and community contribution. State Superintendent Tom Torlakson stated, "Civic education plays a critical role in preparing our youth to be active and informed community members, participate in our democracy, and make a difference in the world."

The cornerstone of this acknowledgement are:


  • The project-based learning opportunities the History and English courses provide students and the students' experience in the socratic seminar process
  • Our integrated PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) and ASB (Associated Student Body) programs providing students the opportunity to be a part of a democratic program
  • The many clubs and activities provided to the students that reiterate and require the involvement in the community

For more information regarding the Civic Learning Merit Award, click:

Champions for Kindness

Dr. Al Mijares, Orange County Superintendent of Schools,

Kicks off Santiago Charter Middle School’s Champions for Kindness Event


Santiago Charter Middle School, Dr. Martin Eaton with Well Street Psychological, one of the nation’s top anti-bullying performers and inspirational speakers Cary Trivanovich, Orange County’s Superintendent Dr. Al Mijares with the Orange County Department of Education, Dr. Marc Learner and Dr. Katherine Williamson with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Mr. Alan Young with a top Cybersecurity Organization, the cheerleaders with the Los Angeles Rams NFL Organization, Orange County’s Deputy District Attorney Frank Acosta, Orange Police and Fire Departments, as well as, other local businesses and organizations partnered to provide the communities surrounding East Orange with the first Champions for Kindness Event.


Champions for Kindness is an alliance of America’s premier anti-bullying/cybersecurity professionals dedicated to fostering a kinder, safer school environment in K-12 schools. To that end, Champions for Kindness offers holistic programs covering a unique blend of cognitive training and online safety programs, and inspirational school assemblies.


This event was attended by over 200 parents and 200 students and offered a unique opportunity for parents and students to participate in different forums. Parents attended parent workshops and heard from the leading professionals in anti-bullying and supporting character growth in children, while students worked collaboratively with local heroes through real-world scenarios to build confidence and resiliency when faced with choices in their life. Both parents and students were tasked with contributing to Orange County Department of Education’s One Billion Acts of Kindness Challenge and provided with tangible steps and examples of how they can positively impact their communities and schools.


Santiago Charter Middle School, along with Co-Principals Dr. Jim D’Agostino and Mrs. Ashley Pedroza, are excited to have formed this incredible partnership and look forward to holding more events and continuing the Kindness Movement. For more information or resources, please see Santiago Charter Middle School’s Website at or call 714-997-6366.


Wall of Fame


Congratulations to Our Wall of Fame Students!

Each trimester an outstanding student is chosen from every department to be a member of the "Wall of Fame." These students exemplify citizenship, scholarship, leadership skills and overall exceptional performance. Parents and families are invited to attend as our students are honored at an awards ceremony where they receive a certificate and have the privilege of having their photograph taken and displayed in the library on the "Wall of Fame" for the trimester. 


All Star Breakfast

All Star Breakfast

Congratulations to our wonderful students and staff who were recognized at our All Star Breakfast.


Fierce competition for all 40 of our top athletes as they competed in Santiago's 2018-2019 Decathlon!

Spirit Week Assembly

Santana Awareness



Santiago Awareness Week

During Santiago Awareness Week, students participated in activities to help them understand obstacles other Santanas may experience on a daily basis. Advisory classes provided additional opportunities for students to learn  ways to include classmates in campus activities.

Special Olympics

McTeacher Night

Thank you to all of our Santiago families and community who participated in McTeacher Night!

Award Winning Video

Award Winning Video

We are very proud of our Santanas Rachel Harris, Reagan Jenkins and Trevor Kelly for their video that spotlights Santiago's electives. Their project won second place in the OUSD Media Festival. 

Civic Learning School of Distinction

Santiago Charter Middle School would like to thank OUSD Superintendent Dr. Gunn Marie Hansen, Kris Erickson - Orange Unified School Board Trustee, OUSD Trustee Andrea Ling Yamasaki, City of Orange Mayor Mark Murphy, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, and Presiding Justice Kathleen O’Leary for coming to our school and presenting us with the Civic Learning School of Distinction Recognition! We are one of only two middle schools in the State of California to receive this award in 2019!