English Learner Support


To reclassify, students must:

Have C- or higher in their core academic classes

Score a 915 (7th) or 930 (8th) on their reading inventory test OR "Meets Standard" on their spring ELA SBAC

Score an overall 4 or 5 on the CELDT


  • ​7th graders who have not scored proficient in their reading level are placed in a reading class to support them to achieve this requirement. This class focuses on reading fluency, phonics, and reading both high interest novels and informational text. 
  • While in this class, students are also given one day a week to focus on grade awareness; each student meets one-on-one with the teacher to discuss their overall grades and complete any missing assignments from any class; students also log in to the student portal to check grades and learn how to effectively communicate with their teachers.
  • 8th grade students meet with the EL advisor in "group meet-ups" to monitor their grades. Fall, winter, and spring conferences are set up in a group style for parents and students when students need extra support and encouragement.
  • 8th graders may also be placed in a "Skills" class if they were "on the cusp" of reclassifying their 7th grade year, but missed one requirement. This class focuses on supporting the student in the area in which they need to improve-grades or reading level. 
  • Newcomers - students who are new to the country, usually two years or less, are placed in a two period English Language Arts class, which focuses on reading fluency, language development, spelling, and vocabulary development.
  • Our Spanish speaking aide supports our newcomers using the "push-in" model in which she attends science, math, history, and English with them and helps translate and scaffold work appropriately.

After School Tutoring (room 702)

  • ​Tutoring for newcomers is Monday-Thursday from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
  • All ELs are welcome to come here and access the computers or print work.
  • Supplies for all English learners such as glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, markers, construction paper, etc. can also be found here; this is especially important for when projects are due.