Hello All, 

It was such a pleasure seeing our 8th graders on Saturday - we are so very proud of each and every one of them. 

Below are links and details of the event and our promotion. 

Our VIRTUAL PROMOTION and photos can be found on the links below which includes a great message from our very own OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer, the Santiago Administration, and several student performances, videos, and presentations. (Shout out and thank you to Mr. Chiang and Mrs. Barbas for putting this together). 

We also have some great photos ranging from student’s first day of middle school up to Saturday’s certificate pick up event. Enjoy!! 

Virtual Promotion 2020

Next, we have some of our Event Pictures which can be found below:



STAGE PICTURES (these are the same stage pictures as above, but the file is smaller)




CAR PICTURES: Currently being edited and downloaded... will be emailed out on Wednesday

** To protect the privacy of students, these photos can ONLY be accessed with an OUSD ID and PASSWORD. Your student will be able to access this using the information they ALWAYS use from their dashboard. 

** These videos are set to "view only" - you have the option to view, screenshot or download to save a copy of your student's pictures. Please feel free to contact us if you need technical support - IT IS IMPORTANT THAT INDIVIDUALS DO NOT ALTER THIS FOLDER. 

Thank you again for helping to make this promotion so special and this is to honor our 8th grade students. 

Jim D'Agostino and the entire Santiago Staff 


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Santiago Esports Team

Santiago Charter Middle School is now piloting the Esports Pathway Program. Having partnered with NASEF (North American Scholastic Esports Federation) each Team member will strive to master the four domains of Esports and become an Organizer, Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator.  Santiago’s Esports Instructors uphold the goal of promoting a safe space to competitively play video games as well as allow the students to discover their gifts among the various important roles that exist in the Esports industry.

Santiago Esports

Team Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to provide team building between students that have a common passion for video games. To provide a safe place for students to learn and fail. And to increase their understanding of Esports and the future career paths in this field.


Game. Grow. Learn. Lead.

Advisor:  Mr. Van Smaalen

Email: svansmaalen@orangeusd.org

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